PC Tattletale Review: Best Monitoring Software?

Life is becoming increasingly digital as we move through the present century. In many ways, it allows us to communicate with others simpler than in the past. We can also rely on computers to do our important jobs, but all of this also means it makes it easier for troubled people to make the most of this option.

If you're a parent worried about your children's screen time, or if you're in an employer seeking to discipline employees, there's no doubt that you'll greatly benefit from using monitoring software.

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What Is PC Tattletale?

pcTattletale is a helpful android smartphone utility that enables users to monitor target user activity remotely. It silently uses the target phone's capabilities to record data and arrange it. You can log into your private control panel from the firm's site to view regards to this tracking. This adventure terminologies is packed with many different functions, which we'll get into more in-depth in the pages that follow.


  • Data Security: Because of the nature of data held using the pcTattletale application, the website's overriding purpose is to guarantee that users always have access the preferred information. All recorded data is stored in a separate cloud server, and all stored data is secured by AES encryption and SSL protocol. This pcTattletale site is secure and permitted only by a permitted party. There is no trace on any prior instance of compromised coalition.
  • Recording: The user's activities can be viewed by logging in to the pcTattletale accounts either on a smartphone, laptop, or another type of device. You can see, up to the last minute, the events which occurred while you are logged in to your computer.
  • Measuring Productivity: pcTattletale provides a powerful tracking function that transforms raw data into clearer chart formats. Factors such as active hours are determined by the quantity of keystrokes in an hour.
  • Multiple Devices: pcTattletale can install on numerous devices at once. You can select a variety of payment plans to go along with your subscription, allowing extensive monitoring of your activity over a specified period of time.
  • User Interface: This app's interface is quite simple and convenient, specifically for users who would like to install pcTattletale on the machine to which they need it. Note that the installation is also as straightforward on PC as it is on other mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.

How PC Tattletale Works?

pcTattletale is an ideal Android spyware app that works like most parental control and surveillance software on the market. It is a small spyware app, which, once installed on the target device, it can upload all information requested. To acquire the software, you'll have to register on the pcTattletale web site and get a premium account for all the capabilities to work.

For the duration of your listening experience, you can access all the information collected by the application on the online dashboard. This enables you to track the employee, child, or spouse remotely at your convenience. You may also remove it from the target device once its function is accomplished.


Even when an excellent monitoring app is at your disposal, you won't be able to use it if it isn't compatible with your target devices. PCTattleTale is compatible with the Android OS, which is utilized by over 70% of the human race.

If your smartphone or tablet has an Android or Kindle operating system, you do not need to stress about compatibility since this application works with any version that you can acquire. Among the very best things about this software is its additional versatility--you can install it on your PC, too.


  • Monitoring and scanning the productivity of users.
  • Access to the Activity of at least a week prior.
  • Ability to show the live feed.


  • Almost all antivirus applications consider it a threat.
  • There is no clearance from any internet security website.
  • Data security is a big question.


An exacting standard is the Family tier, which costs $99.00 monthly for three devices. With this subscription tier, you also get 7 days' worth of storage as well as the capability to add another device for just $33.00.

Next in line is the Family Plus service, which doesn't change the device number protection but adds the 30-day accessible through video playback on the $147.00 per-month price tag. You are additionally allowed to add an additional device for $49.00.

The company tier has maximum storage and gives you comprehensive protection and monitoring for up to 12 months for $297.00. If you also choose three added devices, you are still priced at $99.00 per month and your purchase will be good for the whole year.

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Monitoring employee activity or your child's online activity is important to keep your productivity, or to make sure your child isn't exposed to undesirable content. pcTattletale can help you figure out any additional classes to determine who the lost hours are going for.

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