EasyAzon - Amazon Wordpress Plugin By Chris Guthrie Review: Easy Azon Allows You To Quickly And Easily Add Amazon Affiliate Links – Is It Worth It?

You will find several cheats and scams on-line. If you would like avoid these scam, take the time to go through this EasyAzon - Amazon Wordpress Plugin review cautiously! Our own easyazon.com review is to give you the best and real method since we really want to check out your achievement.

Before searching at easyazon.com, we wish to mention that we think that its our ethical responsibility to assist our readers to choose an item which is capable of manufacturing actual final results. With this particular in mind, we examination each item becoming introduced available within the market and post the outcome on this web site.

We have recently reviewed a FREE EasyAzon WordPress plugin that is available on WordPress Plugins Directory. We all know that EasyAzon Free WordPress Plugins allows only linking text affiliate links on amazon products. If you are thinking to promoting affiliate products from Amazon on your niche blogs using best affiliate marketing techniques, this plugin would boost your affiliate revenue at high level. Good thing is that, it allows you to give nofollow attribute to your affiliate links and open affiliate links in new window for better SEO.

This long procedure takes lot of time, but what if you are getting direct link to product without login to your amazon account? You just have to look for the products right from your WordPress post editor and you would instantly get text link, info block, image link or call to action to your product with your affiliate link.

Does EasyAzon - Amazon Wordpress Plugin bonus offer purpose? In the world will you still wonder if that process reliable or con? For those who have thoughts into the endurance for this system ensure that you tend to be the most effective website. this post solution working hard squad supplied the hope get ranking effectively for this process Pdf file. Our website greets you with numerous this kind of items. This method has been effectively examined by our product or service regulators with us plus they have established this system is usually a fully robust and convenient product already in the market.

When it comes to wordpress amazon store plugin, the limited quantity of attributes came becoming an uncomfortable shock. Though, our exams and reviews proved a whole lot much more that Chris Guthrie provides exactly what it claims to offer.

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What is EasyAzon?

EasyAzon is a premium plugin that literally can save you hours of your busy life. Before EasyAzon, I would have to link manually to Amazon products, having one screen open in my WordPress dashboard and the other logged into my Amazon associates account, manually generating shortcodes of the products I want to promote on my site. The whole process of adding Amazon links, CTAs and images is the most tedious thing in the world.

EasyAzon is a plug-in created by Chris Guthrie that allows you to obtain Amazon product links inside of your WordPress posts rather than having to go to Amazon itself and create a link manually. As most marketers will have multiple links to Amazon on many posts, a plugin that promises to do this could be a significant timesaver.

With EasyAzon, you I can literally do a task that would have taken 5 minutes to do, in just 30 seconds. There’s no multiple tabs open on my browser. I can do it all from my WordPress dashboard, which is an absolute time saver and general life hack!

What can you receive from easyazon.com?

  • EasyAzon - Amazon Wordpress Plugin offers specifics of parts where you will get inexpensive EasyAzon - Amazon Wordpress Plugin that you should take on, and the price of these products.
  • When you prefer to use EasyAzon - Amazon Wordpress Plugin, you are able to devote a large quantity. Just incorporate just a little a lot more to that quantity to find out the real difference. easyazon.com is a suggestion from the person who appreciated the support of EasyAzon - Amazon Wordpress Plugin managing.
  • EasyAzon - Amazon Wordpress Plugin which could be supplied is 100% legal. It's legit as well along with comes using a number of advantages which are identified across the globe.
  • Just look on the internet for reliable online retailers and choose the 1 which you feel is capable of using care of one's spending budget. The internet abounds in great internet sites able of providing you great financial savings within your obtain.
  • For the time being, I'm able to achieve this much having a one item, EasyAzon - Amazon Wordpress Plugin. And, I don't feel that I might select every other item, at least in the around long term.


Here is how you can configure your EasyAzon WordPress Plugin with your WordPress Website. First of all, if you don’t have EasyAzon WordPress plugin and want to have one for you, you should get Easy Azon WordPress Plugin from this link. After you download EasyAzon WP Plugin, upload it on your WordPress blog and you would see EasyAzon option on your WordPress dashboard sidebar panel. When you click on it, you would see EasyAzon Setting panel to configure Amazon Affiliate account with EasyAzon plugin.

Interesting thing about this Best Amazon Plugin is that, you can configure default search locale from your WordPress EasyAzon configuration dashboard. It means, if you are receiving maximum traffic from United Status, you can select it, so that it will show amazon products affilaite links on your sites only from Amazon.com.

There would be another option, where you want to display your Amazon links, generally people would prefer to give links from posts and pages. Link options in EasyAzon can be used for SEO of your affiliate website so that you can prevent it from Search algo updates.

New Window – This option would open all affilaite links in new windows so your bounce rate will be decreased.

No follow – This option would help you to give no follow attribute to your affiliate links, so it will be ignored by Google and you can rank better on SERP.

Cloaking – This will cloak your affiliate links, and make it shortened and looks like internal link of your website or blog.

Cloaking Prefix – If you have selected Cloaking option, you can configure cloacking prefix that would be set after your domain name URL.

Product Popups – This option is interesting, because if you have given text link to any products, when user hover mouse over that link, they would see information popups to your product.

Add to Cart – This option allows your visitors to directly add their product into cart. Generally amazon affiliate cookies expires within 24 hours however if they add your promoted product into cart, you have 89 days to earn commission. It means even if your visitor buys a product before 89 days from their cart, if added to cart using your affiliate link, you would get commission for that.

Link Localization – This is my favorite option, because it would automatically change your Amazon affiliate links to match the country your website visitor is viewing your website from. If you have added tracking ID in while configuring EasyAzon WordPress plugin, it would display link to respective countries and you can make money from it.This feature can help you earn commissions on traffic that you would otherwise not get paid on.

EasyAzon Pro Features :

1. Automated affiliate link cloaking 2. Product pop ups (display product info via a pop up box on mouse hover) 3. Add to cart functionality (increases the cookie length which gives you more time to earn a commission if the visitor adds the item to their shopping cart) 4. Automatic link localization (earn commissions from previously wasted global traffic by automatically converting affiliate links to match the location your website is being visited from: e.g. UK visitors see Amazon.co.uk links) 5. Support for multiple affiliate tracking ID’s (track which links convert best)

EasyAzon does have some pretty handy features in the backend. You can select options in the settings area that affect all links created by the plug-in. This is great as you can do things such as set every link to Amazon as no follow, set links to open in the same page or on a new tab, and set up link localization so that you make money from sales in other countries.

While these settings are quite useful, the two that really stand out are nofollow links and link localization. Nofollow links are extremely important as you do not want to be creating affiliate links as “dofollow links.” It’s very easy to forget to set an affiliate link as nofollow. If you do this too often, you will find that your site can begin to suffer in the search rankings as you are passing along a lot of link juice to Amazon.

By selecting this change one time, you can ensure that every link created by EasyAzon is a “nofollow” link. This will make certain that you are not giving away too much of the ranking power of your site.

The other great option offered by EasyAzon is the ability to set up link localization inside of the plug-in. As mentioned in this post, link localization can really increase your overall Amazon earnings. It’s a great way to really add to your sites earnings every month without having to create any additional content or try to increase your rankings on the search engines.

It takes advantage of the fact that you’re already getting traffic from other countries, and allows you to earn revenues from versions of Amazon in your visitor’s home country. I was really impressed with how well the link localization of this plug-in worked, and found that it frequently found the exact same products in other countries’ versions of Amazon.

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You will find many bonuses! Those additional bonuses valued much and also you should to pay a lot money to obtain it if you don't order five hundred Each Week from EasyAzon - Amazon Wordpress Plugin, however, these days these useful bonuses are 100 percent free of charge to your requirements! You could like it a complete great deal!

Chris Guthrie's EasyAzon - Amazon Wordpress Plugin bonus offer is certainly a program you could opt for on the web. At the same time I bought this method Pdf file I without delay known it totally became a perfectly-developed solutions. It is not poorly created. Additionally, shop for this system download is affordable. It definitely is incredibly affordable to get a merchandise that is proven to work and gives end results. An additional wise course of action is it is reliable. I have really enjoyed this system for a couple weeks now and more joke solutions and alternatives independent within just days or even weeks. This totally is certainly not a hoaxes. Lastly, in the event it doesn't manage, mail it again. This make certain lets you know that the suppliers and on the internet web pages retailing this product reviews service it. The system features spectacular and when you have an issue with it is easy to take it once more.

EasyAzon - Amazon Wordpress Plugin is definitely an innovative solution combining the current engineering most plentiful in contemporary changes inside the market. In any case, I'll have totally nothing to get rid of, since they delivered a money back refund. The clear file structure and top quality guidelines they have, aids make all visitors feel that it need to be this type of good investment. The setup advice are pretty simple and straightforward to stick to.

EasyAzon - Amazon Wordpress Plugin is a outstanding product and that I am certain you'll recommend it in direction of your friends as well. The price EasyAzon - Amazon Wordpress Plugin is nothing once we take a look at the providers and also the signup bonuses. Have your amazon import plugin quickly and remain a cheerful contended people! Just simply click the button below, you can buy your EasyAzon - Amazon Wordpress Plugin and buy as a cheap price following the payment and also claim your bonuses.

100% full money back guarantee in the event you have a very grievance. EasyAzon - Amazon Wordpress Plugin is verified to operate together using the evidence for the same is our consumers who use the product for the effectiveness and longevity. Ideal for every person who prefers attractive design and ease of instructions, EasyAzon - Amazon Wordpress Plugin is truly a selection you will by no means regret! We have been satisfied to inform you that EasyAzon - Amazon Wordpress Plugin has an amazing track record within the market. The entire refund offer itself states the trust of one's program in EasyAzon - Amazon Wordpress Plugin.

EasyAzon - Amazon Wordpress Plugin is not a scam, and you will regret sooner or later in case you lose such uncommon chance! They have assisted plenty of individuals to reach their desires, and you also may be the next for individuals who try it out! We figure out the robustness of solution based on consumers comments scores, average consumers expertise ratings and customers refund rate. Based on our examination and assessments from easyazon.com, I'm able to assure you that this should be actually an excellent one, and you'll undoubtedly find it irresistible in the end.

This amazon affiliate link globalizer plugin systemis crucial coming from all, the purchase is secured from Clickbank rules you are going to have the ability to inquire a refund inside of Two months and all kinds of your cash could most likely be repaid without any queries questioned. EasyAzon - Amazon Wordpress Plugin is all round a properly designed digital solution inside of this class that you simply may well acquire on the internet. Overall this product is undoubtedly well worth the retail cost and when you want an reliable answers for you, I recommend EasyAzon - Amazon Wordpress Plugin to your requirements.