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23 February, 2017

Keeping Your Guests Happy and Chilled

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For busy restaurants and cafes, having a regular supply of ice can be a critical component of meeting the needs of a high turnover of thirsty guests. While organising suppliers for beverages and food are often at the top of the list for new business owners, ice machines can be easily overlooked; yet they are an essential piece of equipment, used for the cooling of drinksand serving of chilled menu items.

What to Look for in an Ice Machine

When looking for an ice machine for sale, new business owners must consider the brand and history of the machine they are considering for purchase. Ice machines, just like any other food service equipment, must be reliable, regularly serviced, and manufactured by a well-known and reputable brand. Brands like Manitowoc and Ice-O-Matic are well-known and trusted brands in this niche and make ice machines that are used far and wide.

If you happen to have an ice machine that is not so great, the consequences can be devastating. A cheap ice machine may not perform well, and may have reliability problems. One that is difficult to clean and maintain may even cause health problems for customers. The last thing that any new café or restaurant owner wants is to serve their guests contaminated ice! In the worst of cases, this can lead to a health inspection and possible infringement notice or shut-down!

Furthermore, it is also important to consider the following factors when purchasing an ice machine for your establishment:

  • Production capacity: It is vital to invest in an ice machine that is manufactured for the Australian climate. During the summer in Western Australia, for example, temperatures can soar into the high 40s in some areas, and it is important that your ice machine can handle the production capacity required on days like this, and continue to operate reliably when the ambient temperature is higher than average.
  • Repairs: Your ice machine will be used in your establishment on a daily basis. It will therefore need to be a reliable unit that is capable of producing as much ice as is required at any given time. Of course, nothing is perfect and even the best ice machines from the best brands will need repairs and maintenance from time to time. Investing in a good brand may minimise the risk of breakdown, but at some point it will likely occur. This is when you will need excellent aftermarket spare parts support. Ideally, the supplier from whom you purchased your ice machine will be able to supply all of the spare parts required.

Keeping Your Guests Cool

It’s extremely important that you keep your guests cool and chilled, especially duringthe scorching hot days of summer. Why chip away at blocks of ice when you can have an ice machine installed that will produce flakes and cubes of ice almost instantly for your guests? Before investing your money in one, just ensure that you identify a well-known brand, that you consider any maintenance and repairs that may need to be done, that you understand what ice production capacity is required, and that you buy from a reputable supplier.