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24 July, 2017

How Common Are Allergies To Insects In Humans

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Insect bites are a lot more dangerous than you think. Most people do not really pay attention to it and act like nothing has happened, without knowing about the serious processes that are appearing in their bodies. We are at your disposal, if you want to know more about us. Just click on the link or give us a call to get in contact with us and get all the information or services that you need.

Which insect causes the most brutal reactions?
Flying insects, are the biggest triggers of allergic reactions. In addition, it does not necessarily mean that the bite is always the most dangerous, because for a hypersensitive person, each bite can be fatal. Unlike bees, the bite of mosquitoes is less harmful and allergies are significantly less common. What mosquitoes more often cause is toxic reactions. This means that the bite can hurt, burn and cause reddish on the skin. This is not particularly dangerous, but it’s very unpleasant.

How common are allergies to insects? Is the number of allergenic people growing?

At the moment all the allergies are on the rise, and so on insects. The reason for this is warmer weather and climate change. Also, people are increasingly mobile, traveling, moving during the summer months and coming in contact with insects. This leads to an average of 50 deaths a year due to this allergy.Is there any truth in the claims of some experts that certain individuals are more susceptible to insect bites than others?

There are no risk factors such as blood type or skin color. There is only a risk group in which all those working in the field, farms, in the processing of organic fertilizers, wetlands, near the river, the forest, or all those who come in contact with insects more often than usual.

What is the best prevention against insect bites?

Those who have had some form of an allergic reaction should take additional measures. First of all, they need to contact a doctor to determine which insect is the trigger of an allergy. Then, it is necessary to get a set of self-protection that will carry with them everywhere. This set implies an epipene, or an autoinjection of adrenaline, then two tablets of antihistamine and two corticosteroid tablets to take immediately after the bite. The one who suffers from an allergy in this way is buying additional time until they come to the doctor.

It is important to listen to the advice from the doctors and try to protect ourselves as much as possible. Regularly checking your current health condition can tell you a lot and help you prevent the development of many diseases and allergies. Next time you visit the doctor, listen carefully to what they have to say to you. All the information you get is valuable and it will save your life.