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1. Roman Carbonara
    Mediterranean Food: Italian pasta
    Created: Aug 22, 2007
2. Lentil Soup...
    Mediterranean Food: Middle Eastern vegetables
    Created: Aug 4, 2007
3. Insalata Caprese
    Mediterranean Food: Italian vegetables & salads
    Created: Apr 21, 2007
4. Carbonara Sauce
    Mediterranean Food: Italian misc
    Created: Apr 21, 2007
5. Meatballs (Polpette...
    Mediterranean Food: Italian beef/pork/lamb/veal
    Created: Apr 21, 2007
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Welcome to Mediterranean Food!

Our Mediterranean Food website has been carefully tailored to bring you the best recipes from the Mediterranean regions.  Our recipes work great with the mediterranean diet to help you lose weight fast!  Dozens of countries and their best Mediterranean Food dishes are here for you to enjoy and make yourself.  Please while here review our Mediterranean Food entries as well as rate our Mediterranean Food recipes.

In order to review our recipes you must register and login.  This prevents spammers and we apologize and do want your excellent feedback on the quality of our Mediterranean Food entree's.  So please spend a few minutes to register, your information will be kept private and never used to solicit you.  We just want you to help other lovers of Mediterranean Food to find the best ones we have available to offer.  Whether you are hear to just enjoy our delicious Mediterranean food entrees or you want to do a mediterranean diet you will hundreds of new food recipes to try.

If following the Mediterranean diet stick to our recipes in regions that have a high consumption of fruits and vegetables, bread, wheat and other cereals, olive oil and fish.  This keeps them low in saturated fat and high in monounsaturated fat and dietary fiber. Red wine is also consumed regularly but in moderate quantities.

 Also if you register with Mediterranean Food you are welcome to submit your own recipes!  So please do so and share with the world your love of Mediterranean Food.


Hello all:

We at are debating on adding recipe how-to-do videos. We want to hear from you so cast your vote on our poll in the right panel!

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5. Quick & Easy Hummos
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7. mojadara recipe | middle eastern recipes
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